Colorful banner for Clyde Public Library's Summer Reading 2024 program. The banner reads 'Adventure Awaits!' in large, bold text. The banner features various jungle animals, including a toucan perched on a safari hat, a tiger, a parrot, a boar, a giraffe, and monkeys hanging from vines at the top. There are lush green plants and foliage framing the bottom of the banner.
Summer Reading 2024
Join the Clyde Public Library's Summer Reading 2024 with the theme "Adventure Awaits!" Whether you're an adult, teen, or kid, there's something for everyone. Enjoy exciting programs all summer long and have a chance to win fantastic prizes. Visit the library to sign up and start your reading adventure today!

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Library FAQ

Can I send faxes at the library?
The Library offers faxing service for patrons, both sending and receiving.  Please contact the Library for pricing information.  Fax (419) 547-0480.

Can I make copies at the library?
Black-and-white and color photocopiers are available at the Library.  Copies are $.15 per page (double-sided copies are $.30 each).

Are Golden Buckeye Cards available at the Library?
Patrons may apply for a Golden Buckeye card at the Library's main service desk.  

S.P.L.A.T. - Super Public Library Activities for Teens

SPLAT! - Super Public Library Activities for Teens!!

Come and join us each Thursday afternoon from 3:30 - 5:00!  SPLAT is open to all teens in grade 6 - 12.

We play board games, make crafts, listen to music, play video games, eat snacks, have movie days, and more!

Registration is not required; just come on the days that you can!  (SPLAT runs year round!) If there is no school, there is no SPLAT.

Any questions?  Ask for Scott!

Homebound Delivery

For more information on the following services, please contact library staff member Nelcy Elder at 419-547-7174:

Homebound Delivery
Library staff members provide direct delivery of library materials to individuals who are homebound or live in local nursing homes. This service ensures that all community members have access to library resources, regardless of mobility or health limitations.

Gifts and Donations

Gifts to the Library
The Library welcomes honor or memorial book requests from the community. Patrons must supply the name of the person to be honored or memorialized, provide family notification information, and give their own name and address. Payment may be made at the time of the request or the patron may be billed. A book of lasting value will be purchased, a bookplate inserted in the book, and the family notified about the honor or memorial book request.