History of the Library

Clyde Public Library from a 1908 Postcard


The Clyde Public Library was established in 1903 as an outgrowth of the school library and was located on the third floor of the old Union School on Vine Street. Because the Clyde community so overwhelmingly responded to the Library, it soon became apparent that the Library needed a building of its own. With a gift of $10,000.00 from public library philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, and matching community support, a beautiful public library built of Sandusky County granite was erected on the corner of West Buckeye and George Streets. To much community anticipation, the Library first opened its doors on October 30, 1906.

The Library served Clyde well for nearly 90 years with minor changes here and there to the building. But once again, it became obvious that changes were necessary in order to improve Library service. With community approval, the original building was extensively renovated and expanded to provide handicap accessibility, additional space for users and materials, and to accommodate new computer technology. Re-opening its doors to the public on October 7, 1996, the Library is now prepared to serve the Clyde community for many generations to come.


The Clyde Public Library is funded by the state of Ohio's Public Library Fund. The Public Library Fund sets aside a percentage of the total general tax revenues to support Ohio's public libraries. In addition, the Library receives revenue from a 10 year, 1.5 mil tax levy passed in 2023.