Patron Code of Conduct

The Clyde Public Library welcomes the community to visit and use the library for recreational and informational purposes. Following these guidelines will help us to provide a pleasant and safe library for everyone.

  • Smoking, alcohol use, or illegal drug use is prohibited on library property. Use of these items on library premises will result in immediate dismissal from the library and, if necessary, the police will be notified.
  • Food and beverages are prohibited.
  • Shoes and shirts are required.
  • Loud or abusive language is prohibited in the library and its premises. Rowdiness, harassment, or fighting will not be tolerated. Violators will be instructed to leave the library property and the police notified.
  • Abuse or vandalism of library property will not be tolerated and violators will be prosecuted.
  • Animals, except guide dogs, are prohibited.
  • Library users are urged to turn off cell phones and audible pagers upon entering the building. If it is necessary to use cell phones in the library, patrons are urged to keep the conversation short and quiet. 
  • Selling, soliciting, panhandling, or loitering on library property is prohibited.
  • Audio devices may be operated with headphones in the library, but must be inaudible to surrounding library users.
  • All library materials must be charged out before exiting the building.
  • No bathing, shaving, or clothes washing is permitted in the library’s public restrooms.
  • To avoid disruption of normal library operations and to avoid the library from serving as a "babysitting service", young children should never be left unattended in the library. For the safety and protection of the child, library staff will attempt to locate the parent of the unattended child to pick the child up immediately, or will call the police.
  • The library is not responsible for personal items left unattended.
  • Library users are asked to leave the library promptly at closing time.
  • Bicycles, tricycles, scooters, etc. should be parked at the bicycle rack and away from the entry doors.

Adopted by the Clyde Public Library Board of Trustees on July 12, 1993. Revised November 11, 2002.