1000 Books Before Kindergarden

1000 Books Before Kindergarten Logo with Colorful Castle on an open book




How to Participate

Stop in at the library to get your paper reading tracker and a fun tote bag for all your library books. You will get a crown to place on our wall and track your progress by adding a gem for each milestone.

Each time you reach 100 books, stop by the Children's Desk to show off your progress and receive a prize!







While the real prize is a life long love of reading, we also have special small gifts for little ones! At each 100 book milestone visit the Children's Desk for a reward for your hard work! By 1,000 books you will have everything you need for an at home story time and a tote bag to store it in.

  • 100 Books - Bookmark
  • 200 Books - Stickers
  • 300 Books - Bubbles
  • 400 Books - Scarf
  • 500 Books - Book and Certificate!
  • 600 Books - Shaky Egg
  • 700 Books - Finger Puppet
  • 800 Books - Crayons and Notebook
  • 900 Books - Play Dough
  • 1,000 Books- Book, Crown, and Certificate!


Rewards are Forever!

Reading aloud builds vocabulary and listening skills, important stepping stones in early literacy

Reading aloud surrounds little ones with rich language that develops oral language skills

Reading exposes little ones to new experiences and helps them empathize with the world around them

Reading with your little one brings you closer together and creates memorable bonding moments.

Reading aloud models the importance of reading and shows little ones that reading is fun!