Winners Announced in the 2nd Annual Poetry Contest

1st Place- Just Row by Kathy Athanas
2nd Place- The Robin by H.C. Brunnet
3rd Place- Fleeing Felicity by Joy Ferkel 

1st Place- Housekeeping or How to Talk Your Way Out of It by H.C. Brunnet
2nd Place- Frustration by Joy Ferkel
3rd Place- Depleted Ink by Jodie Bender

1st Place- A Toast to My Daughter by Patty Simpkins
2nd Place- The Unanswered Question by Joy Ferkel
3rd Place- Carry Me, Please, Father by H.C. Brunnet

1st Place- History Tells Us by Tim Balduff
2nd Place- Everyday Angels by H.C. Brunnet
3rd Place- August 8, 1974 by Joy Ferkel

Under 18 Nature:
1st Place- Dreams Have Thorns by Kallan Stricker
2nd Place- Evening on the Beach by Anya Stuart

Under 18 Humor:
1st Place- Poetry by Katrina Stricker
2nd Place-  My BFFs by Anya Stuart

Under 18 Family:
1st Place- Lessons from a Six-Year-Old by Katrina Stricker
2nd Place- My Totally NUTSO Family by Anya Stuart
3rd Place- Life by Kallan Stricker 

Under 18 Misc.:
1st Place- Kiss by Kallan Stricker
2nd Place-My Best Friend by Anya Stuart
3rd Place- Level Up! by Katrina Stricker


Thank you to all of those who entered.  Our blind judging took longer than expected because there were so many wonderful entries.  Winners have been contacted and will be published in the upcoming Poetry Chapbook.  The Sandusky County Poetry Association meets the first Tuesday of every month at Clyde Public Library in Clyde, Ohio at 1:00 pm.