Wi-Fi Available

man using a laptop in the library

wifi logoThe Library’s wireless (wi-fi) connection is available for those with wireless capable laptop computers. The Library’s wi-fi Internet connection is unfiltered and by choosing to use this free service, you agree to abide by the Library’s Computer/Internet Access Policy and Computer/Internet Access Guidelines. These documents are available on this website or at the Reference Desk.


You are welcome to plug in your laptop.

The Library staff is not able to set-up a wi-fi connection on your laptop, nor assist in accessing the Library’s wi-fi Internet connection. The Library cannot guarantee your hardware/software will work with the Library’s wi-fi connection and the Library’s wi-fi connection is not intended to be used as a permanent connection.

To access the Library’s wi-fi connection you will need to install the software provided by your wireless card manufacturer. Many laptops will be able to automatically detect the Library’s wi-fi connection. If not, try these basic settings:     

          Network Mode: Infrastructure
          WEP: Disabled
          IP/Network Settings: Automatically obtain a network address (DHCP)
          DNS: Your laptop will automatically obtain the DNS address along with a
                      network address
          Gateway: Your laptop will automatically obtain the gateway address with a
                      network address
You may encounter some “dead” areas in the Library where the wi-fi reception is limited. Simply move to another location.
The Library’s wi-fi network is not secure. Think twice before sending personal or sensitive information over the Internet.
The Library does not provide printers. If you need to print, email the document to yourself, or save the document to a disk or flash drive and print it at one of the Library’s public Internet workstations.
The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment, or for laptop configurations, security, or data files resulting from a connection to the Library’s wi-fi access.